Friday, May 30, 2008

Credit where it is due.

Mr.Minera suggested this blog's web address and name.
At the Falcon.
My ideas...not so as good.
Thanks man.

!!COMING SOON!! @ The Falcon...of the Falcon? All up in the Falcon? Okay at least on the premises somewheres!!

A Falcon Sunday Pot-luck with Paulo 'the guy from 'The Florida of Mexico' Athila Minera, Mister Bruce aka 'The Wrenchanator' and slated to appeared, Martha aka 'Madd Memphis'! Okay so she has a cat named Memphis anyhow. The deal is me and Pau have set up some loose plans for a potluck for a sunday evening real soon. We have some dates penciled in, authorities have been warned recipes Google'd, Fly Powder Blue tuxedos rented. All I can say for sure is -Soon Come.

I will provide a detailed blow by blow with photo documentation of food and frivolity. **With highly anticipated special quest apperaence by Mrs.Minera!!**

My Signature Dish BAAM:

I will pro'ly make some Thai food. I kick ass at Thai'esque'ish asiany looking Ramen Noodle Based Cuisine...dare I say Haute Cuisine? No. I don't dare.

**(Mrs.Minera has yet to confirm date...actually I forgot to ask Paulo to ask her. I'm on that right after...)

He usedta' to live here...The Story of the $16 dollar Cadillac

He usedta' to live here... and he BUGGED THE SHIT OUT OF ME. WAIT WAIT - Man I am coming off like a straight crotchety curmudgeon! These damn Kids and thier hip hop! With thier loud stereo CB's and all sitting on Dubs n such...Jesus I sound like I am in need of a sweater vest, social security checks, AARP Wilferd Brimley's Dia'ah'beeties, a pair of hush puppies and a walker with the tennis balls on the front two legs. I feel like a totally geezer complaining about someone else's loud music?? Not even complaining, reminiscing about complaining!

Anyway I used to hate this kid and his 86 Beige Lac'. Two years ago I had enough one afternoon. I blew a hissy fuse. I went out to confront him and for some reason I grabbed my camera and I got down there and in stead of bitching and moaning over nuthin it all became simple and I asked him to pose, cause I 'liked his ride'. You know what happened then? That turned out to be one of my favorite Falcon images (and a Falcon moment as Cheese D as that sounds). Best part is that kid, who ever he was, was so flattered somebody dug his hooptyass caddy that from then on he ALWAYS turned his -decibel deluge'in worst of the worst top 40 Lil'John crap rap- down from 'so so def ' to 'so very quiet' if I just asked him. I was almost a total dick to him for no reason. That was a lot of bull'ish preamble. Sorry. Here is the picture:

*This image is not the most Infocus and yeah its a skosh Blurry...but hey, if you've met me, I am a little outta focus and blurry myself.

He pretty much Rules the Falcon Art.

It's Alexander yo!

In addition to being a FINE artist. Alexander really has his finger on the Pulse of what the kids wanna see so far as subject matter. He really captures what the kids wanna see in a painting. Okay Full Disclosure and shit, That is a painting of me. And for real. The 'Kids' want nuthin to do with me. But hey, someone liked my purrty mug and his BADASS styles and they bought it! Alexander for real man. You did it up right with that! High Fives and say hello to my myspace profile pic! I am gonna try and hunt down your web site if you got one and also plug your painting classes if you don't mind. Get at me with the info and I'll post it right up!

Update: I did like two whole seconds of google sleuthing and found his info! Here goes: Alexander 'Roll Out' Rokoff's studio Site
and also cause he has a dashing look about him! Here is his mug!

Say hi to him in the halls. Alexander is a weath of talent and good ideas fo'really tho.

The Best F'n Bread I ever did eat!

Way in the back of the second floor of The Falcon there is some magic happen'n with a little yeast a little flour and a lot of drinking...errr I mean kneading. Rebbecca and Jamerson knocked me out with their 'Toast of the Town Bread'.

*crappy Cell phone pic. Muh'bad.*
Mmmmmmm Give us our daily bread...or at least Bi-Weekly Bread.
This article will be amended shortly. It is crucial that Me Jay'roc and Rebbecca "The Eye of the Tiger" share Polaroids and libations. It's during that time I will figure out some other stuff to add. Like How you can buy this wonderful bread. This Manna from heav...errr, from the second floor! Check back on the regular
(<--- I am tryin hard to talk hip like the kids from that movie Juno!).