Friday, May 30, 2008

!!COMING SOON!! @ The Falcon...of the Falcon? All up in the Falcon? Okay at least on the premises somewheres!!

A Falcon Sunday Pot-luck with Paulo 'the guy from 'The Florida of Mexico' Athila Minera, Mister Bruce aka 'The Wrenchanator' and slated to appeared, Martha aka 'Madd Memphis'! Okay so she has a cat named Memphis anyhow. The deal is me and Pau have set up some loose plans for a potluck for a sunday evening real soon. We have some dates penciled in, authorities have been warned recipes Google'd, Fly Powder Blue tuxedos rented. All I can say for sure is -Soon Come.

I will provide a detailed blow by blow with photo documentation of food and frivolity. **With highly anticipated special quest apperaence by Mrs.Minera!!**

My Signature Dish BAAM:

I will pro'ly make some Thai food. I kick ass at Thai'esque'ish asiany looking Ramen Noodle Based Cuisine...dare I say Haute Cuisine? No. I don't dare.

**(Mrs.Minera has yet to confirm date...actually I forgot to ask Paulo to ask her. I'm on that right after...)

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