Friday, May 30, 2008

He pretty much Rules the Falcon Art.

It's Alexander yo!

In addition to being a FINE artist. Alexander really has his finger on the Pulse of what the kids wanna see so far as subject matter. He really captures what the kids wanna see in a painting. Okay Full Disclosure and shit, That is a painting of me. And for real. The 'Kids' want nuthin to do with me. But hey, someone liked my purrty mug and his BADASS styles and they bought it! Alexander for real man. You did it up right with that! High Fives and say hello to my myspace profile pic! I am gonna try and hunt down your web site if you got one and also plug your painting classes if you don't mind. Get at me with the info and I'll post it right up!

Update: I did like two whole seconds of google sleuthing and found his info! Here goes: Alexander 'Roll Out' Rokoff's studio Site
and also cause he has a dashing look about him! Here is his mug!

Say hi to him in the halls. Alexander is a weath of talent and good ideas fo'really tho.

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