Friday, May 30, 2008

He usedta' to live here...The Story of the $16 dollar Cadillac

He usedta' to live here... and he BUGGED THE SHIT OUT OF ME. WAIT WAIT - Man I am coming off like a straight crotchety curmudgeon! These damn Kids and thier hip hop! With thier loud stereo CB's and all sitting on Dubs n such...Jesus I sound like I am in need of a sweater vest, social security checks, AARP Wilferd Brimley's Dia'ah'beeties, a pair of hush puppies and a walker with the tennis balls on the front two legs. I feel like a totally geezer complaining about someone else's loud music?? Not even complaining, reminiscing about complaining!

Anyway I used to hate this kid and his 86 Beige Lac'. Two years ago I had enough one afternoon. I blew a hissy fuse. I went out to confront him and for some reason I grabbed my camera and I got down there and in stead of bitching and moaning over nuthin it all became simple and I asked him to pose, cause I 'liked his ride'. You know what happened then? That turned out to be one of my favorite Falcon images (and a Falcon moment as Cheese D as that sounds). Best part is that kid, who ever he was, was so flattered somebody dug his hooptyass caddy that from then on he ALWAYS turned his -decibel deluge'in worst of the worst top 40 Lil'John crap rap- down from 'so so def ' to 'so very quiet' if I just asked him. I was almost a total dick to him for no reason. That was a lot of bull'ish preamble. Sorry. Here is the picture:

*This image is not the most Infocus and yeah its a skosh Blurry...but hey, if you've met me, I am a little outta focus and blurry myself.

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