Friday, May 30, 2008

The Best F'n Bread I ever did eat!

Way in the back of the second floor of The Falcon there is some magic happen'n with a little yeast a little flour and a lot of drinking...errr I mean kneading. Rebbecca and Jamerson knocked me out with their 'Toast of the Town Bread'.

*crappy Cell phone pic. Muh'bad.*
Mmmmmmm Give us our daily bread...or at least Bi-Weekly Bread.
This article will be amended shortly. It is crucial that Me Jay'roc and Rebbecca "The Eye of the Tiger" share Polaroids and libations. It's during that time I will figure out some other stuff to add. Like How you can buy this wonderful bread. This Manna from heav...errr, from the second floor! Check back on the regular
(<--- I am tryin hard to talk hip like the kids from that movie Juno!).


roger said...

hey la Rock. i like the blog. i think that there are many interesting people who live in The Falcon and I'll bet every one has an interesting story to tell. i look forward to reading about all of you. good logo too. d

roger said...

i forgot, that bread looks really good. wish i could bake like that. d